Belief (John Mayer)

I had the opportunity to play with John back in 2001 as Room For Squares was just being re-released on Sony (John was initially signed to Aware Records before Sony picked him up). I was fortunate enough to have the chance to audition to be John’s drummer (alas, I wasn’t a good fit for the gig! ha!) thanks to my longtime buddies in Sister Hazel. Regardless the outcome of the audition what a treat to play with this brilliant musician and his great band for a couple hours. Will forever be a cherished memory.

In choosing Belief for inclusion in the Songs & Styles library I felt that Steve Jordan’s immaculate groove was a must for study by any/all that call ourselves drummers. I do a very poor facsimile so I implore you to check out the real deal via You Tube. In general, Steve Jordan remains one of the most important drummers of our time. His stellar, versatile and insanely musical ideas have defined numerous tracks of many of the biggest stars of the past twenty plus years.

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