Perfect Strangers (Royal Blood)

While there is a definite historical rear view mirror aspect to much of the music I’ve chosen for inclusion in the Songs & Styles section I strive to include contemporary material as well on the Loud Jamz events. To that end I was really taken with the band Royal Blood and this intense, austere track.

From a point of analysis what was particularly salient to me in this performance is the restraint and effectiveness of the implied 16th note triplet/dotted 8th note pulse throughout the song. The mixture of 8th note triplets (which have a 1/4 note triplet feel in this tempo context) are great examples of their effectiveness as powerful fill options in slower rock tunes. (For another example of this sort of thing check out Michael Bland with Prince on the tune “Diamonds and Pearls”.) *Oh, and we have another instance of the now familiar “stick in mouth” technique to once again adjust the cymbal stand!

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