Bring It On (SEAL)

I’ve been a SEAL fanatic ever since I first heard “Crazy” on the radio in the early nineties. His debut album (or to be more accurate, “cassette”) was in regular rotation in my walk man on many an overnight drive with my first road band. Fast forward a few years to SEAL’s “Live In Paris” DVD with Brian Blade on drums on “Bring It On” and man… This is no ordinary groove (little play on lyrics from the artist himself)!

Technically speaking this performance is an excellent study in the use of the dotted 8th/16th hemiola (recurring rhythmic pattern) in the bass pattern. This loping, cyclical rhythm has always been a favorite of mine. Additionally, Brian’s subtle implied 16th ghost notes (both in the snare figures and the hi-hat) are an excellent exercise in performance detail. Lastly, the intense, laser focus of the groove throughout this track is a hallmark of the world class musicianship present in Brian’s playing. (So much for the “jazz guy”, “pop guy”, “rock guy” categorizations, right?! Utter nonsense… “Musician” is what matters.)

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