Cuts You Up (Peter Murphy – Bauhaus)

Once again, my “Eighties” are showing! I got a lot of “Who is Peter Murphy?” queries when we first put this tune on the Loud Jamz show in the fall of 2015. However, my partner in crime (Yvonne Smith) knew him well and that was enough for me. Bauhaus, Peter’s band before he went solo, was a seminal group in the new wave movement. His resonant lower-register voice has always been haunting to me and this track really showcases that.

From a drum kit application standpoint I felt this tune was worthy of inclusion in the Songs and Styles library as it is an excellent example of essential 8th note rhythm syncopations (many of the turn around’s/breaks in the sections) in the fills. Note the use of the 8th note ghosting on the snare in my open handed approach. It helps to thicken the groove. This is a great play along for a developing player as it is a truly excellent track (by the original drummer on the session) with a great groove and copious examples of tasteful, melodic fill ideas. (Be sure to subdivide/count internally throughout the track so that you maintain consistent entrances on the breaks.) **Also note the fancy stick in mouth moves by yours truly. A most useful technique on the gig when your cymbal stand falls!

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