Don’t Come Around Here

(Sorry, this one has to be long. Sentimentality and all! ha!) Tom Petty: When you grew up in Gainesville, Florida in the 70’s and 80’s and graduate from Gainesville High School in the mid/late 80’s (1986) you can count on a few things: 1.) You WILL plan your life around the Gators sports teams schedules. 2.) You WILL have a “How I knew Ken and Andrew from Sister Hazel back in the day…” story 3.) You WILL retain a special place in your heart for all things Tom Petty. On the latter front I owe a huge debt of thanks to legendary original “Heartbreaker” drummer Stan Lynch for taking me under his wing all those years ago and allowing me to be his Boy Friday on many a demo session or custom recording project he produced. I’m forever in your debt Stan.

Musically speaking, “Don’t Come Around Here No More” most definitely conjures up certain poignant memories of my life in my beloved home town. This tune was a part of my right of passage to adulthood and I can remember many a beach trip, lake party and/or football weekend in the fall grooving along to this essential track from the Petty canon. Why does this matter to you? It really doesn’t. Just waxing down memory lane… However, you do at least get to watch me stumble and bumble as I (not so successfully mind you!) try to approximate this Linn Drum (early drum machine prevalent in use in the 80’s in L.A. session scene) programming by legendary session ace Jim Keltner (I believe). Why a drum machine performance for study? Why not?! Seriously though, I think it is essential that we as drummers strive to develop our dexterity and consistency in this age of loops and Pro Tools digital editing. I can tell you that this is a beast of a pattern to maintain consistently and it is also an excellent example of using the toms in a melodic fashion that is akin to the great Cuban and Caribbean based Latin American drummers.

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