Live drum tracks by Nashville session and touring professional Tom Hurst

Tom Hurst | Nashville Recording Artist and Touring Drummer

You fly it in. We trick it out!

Welcome to Tom Hurst’s Tricked Out Tracks, a versatile professional collective of Nashville session players, project studios, and engineers with cut rate access to some of the world’s top studios, and world class recording equipment.

Tom’s Tricked Out Tracks recording team is a stable of vastly experienced, passionate, artists who will invest their talents in your project as if it were their own.

Join the new generation of serious songwriters stepping beyond pasted together loops, MIDI tracks or “drums in a box” packages.

Never before has it been more affordable for you to Trick Out your compositions with world class real drums and percussion, as well as rhythm section parts by some of Nashville’s finest players. Tom’s cadre of seasoned musicians and engineers tasked with your specified direction will mold and shape tracks that will make your songs STAND OUT from the rest.

We respect your artistry and are here to assist you in realizing your vision. We have recording down, and instead focus on giving your music it’s own unique imprint. Recording with Tricked Out Tracks is easy, fast, and best of all it’s affordable!

The end product will blow your mind or we’ll work until it does!

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Nashville Recording Artist | Tom Hurst | Drummer