I Digress (Big Wreck)

And here we have my personal obsession. If I had to pick one band that I am absolutely nuts about it is these guy’s. Big Wreck has been ruling my musical world for some time now. While not as well known here in the states this insanely talented Canadian ensemble, led by founder/singer/lead guitarist Ian Thornley, is for my money one of the best rock acts on the music scene today. Delving into the merits of this particular songs drum performance where do I begin?

The parts are tasteful, powerful and intelligent. The outro of the song alone is a wonderful study in development of a composition phrase by musical phrase (1/4 high hat, 1/8th hi-hat, 1/4’s on all four beats on the snare etc). Additionally, the syncopated fills throughout the song cover many of the primary groupings presented in my Rhythms & Rates and Interdependence sections of this site. Lastly, one other hallmark of Big Wreck is the juxtaposition of aggressive guitar riff content with lovely harmony and gorgeous melodies. (Can you tell I’m a fan?! I mean who doesn’t love the old school Galaga video game-inspired guitar finger tapping at the end?)

**Oh yeah, and a shout out to our www.infinitypercussion.org kiddos: Thanks for the 2015 “There Will Be Blood” show shirt.

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