Keep Looking (Sade)

So many memories of SADE’s music and slinky grooves permeated my early years as a professional musician. I had the chance to see her in the old Orlando Arena (during my time as a Disney musician) and it is still to this day one of the best sounding, most impressive concert performances I’ve had to the privilege to view.

Performance wise, this groove is such a bear to maintain (as you can see by my expression of disgust at the end of this video!), but I wanted to include it to show that we all have things to work on. For me the sixteenth hi-hat opening pattern from downbeat to “e” of the beat is truly a challenge to maintain repeatedly while also keeping a relaxed single handed sixteenth feel on the hi-hat. (I tried some other sticking options just to demonstrate alternative approaches, but they just don’t have the same sound as the single-handed method.)

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