New York Minute

Simply one of the seminal songs in my lexicon of popular music repertory. I can remember being floored by the emotional weight of this song when I first heard it.

Additionally, it was immediately obvious that it was an absolute tour de force in taste and understatement represented in the exquisite drum performance of Jeff Porcaro.

I’ve worked for many producers through the years that would always implore me to seek the true “arch of the song”, in terms of the development of my part on a given recording session. If that term leaves you as befuddled as it once did me, I give you Exhibit A. of a masterful example of restraint and development ultimately congealing in one of the most powerful recordings, in my opinion at least, in the modern pop music era.

May Jeff, his father and his brother Rest In Peace. They’re sorely missed, but the musical magic they made lives on.

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