Introductions to Songs & Styles

“Perpetual Student”. I use this term constantly and I often question myself as to just how much of one am I really? Sure, I’ve taken a lot of classes in music and other aspects of education, but if I’m honest with myself I have to admit I don’t study music near as much as I should. As such, maybe that has been the impetus for my Loud Jamz concert series here in Nashville and this ensuing Songs & Styles section of TH.Com.

To put it simply, it’s time I put my money where my (oh so BIG!) mouth is. If you actually bother to watch this entire intro (how many times can I say “styles” in five minutes?!!) amidst all my babble you’ll hopefully glean one important piece of information that has been drilled into me by all of my mentors: Listen, Listen, LISTEN!! You simply can’t do enough critical listening in all “styles” and/or genres of music and you need to make sure your listening to the best of the best of both old and new.The goal of this section of my website is to over time share with you a broad cross-section of the music that has influenced my ongoing musical development.

I challenge you to begin to catalog your own musical map of interests. As you do I hope you’ll begin to recognize that which maybe deserves more attention as you strive to be that perpetual student I’m so hot and bothered about.