I’m not always great with “messages” expressing a given sentiment for fear of being polarizing or insulting my friends’ diverse range of beliefs (all of which I respect as their providence).

To that end: I think Seal nails it with his lyrical content here:

“Nows the time for stepping out of place and give account of your faith.”

“Who am I to judge the color of your hair. Surely ya’ll are feeling much the same as I do.”

“Love like we mean forever. So the people can relate.”

“If your rolling to your left, don’t forget I’m on the right.”

“Trust and forgive each other. A little love and we just might.”

Thank you to my dear friend Lajuan “Juju” Winfield for reminding me of what a great friend’s love and positivity can do to bolster ones belief and faith in this world’s future. (So good to see you and your awesome buds last night LaJuan.)

My friend, I love and respect you and Louis always. The Winfield family has made my life so much better with your presence in it. Thank you for your kindness, open-hearted friendship and of course sharing your prodigious talent with us all! 😊❤️

Check our my talented friend: https://www.facebook.com/lajuan.winfield.7